A new beginning for Liberty Wellbeing

A new beginning for Liberty Wellbeing

As of 30th January, Liberty Wellbeing is under new ownership and management. Jennie has decided to step back from her teaching duties and has taken the decision to let go of Liberty Wellbeing. Fear not, it is in safe hands! You may recognise the new owners from attending classes in the last year. Introducing David O’Neill and Simon Goodwin.

A message from David and Simon:

“We are so excited to become part of the Liberty Wellbeing family. We have been enjoying many classes over the last year and we fully intend to continue learning from the incredible teachers that Liberty Wellbeing has. We are really passionate about wellbeing and after Simon was diagnosed with M.E. a few years ago, have spent a long time researching and understanding what is good for us. This is why we absolutely love Liberty Wellbeing as it gives our bodies and minds what they need to keep us improving every day.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Jennie for setting up such an incredible company that has made such a big, positive difference to both of our lives and the lives of hundreds more throughout Ashford.

We are looking forward to pushing the company forwards to better serve the local community, offering more classes and continued value for money. “

Tai Chi

We have 2 new Tai Chi Teachers! Simon has enjoyed learning Tai Chi in recent months and has recently qualified to teach too. He will be taking over the Monday morning and Monday evening classes from mid-February. Also, our very own Sam Stone has also recently qualified in Tai Chi teaching and we hope to be able to add an additional class on a Friday lunchtime. We will announce this as soon as we can.

More BodyBalance™

We now have 5 BodyBalance classes a week. 3 evenings and 2 daytimes so there should always be a class that fits your schedule.


We are pleased to announce another new teacher to the Liberty Wellbeing family. Caelia Butcher is joining us from mid-February and will be teaching our Beginners Yoga class on a Monday evening at Spearpoint Pavilion.


We have just started 2 new Pilates classes with another of our new Teachers, Heidi Weeks. Classes are Tuesdays at 7pm and Wednesdays at 12.45pm, both at Repton Connect Community Centre. The feedback we have had so far has been great and we look forward to seeing how we can offer more Pilates in the future.

Exciting improvement coming soon…

  • Refer a friend benefits
  • Couples Membership
  • More Classes coming soon
  • Courses and workshops – to be announced
  • Plus lots more…

We look forward to seeing you at a class very soon!