A warm welcome awaits you from all of us at Liberty Wellbeing.

We're a team of talented, friendly and highly experienced professionals. As a broad mix of yoga teachers, tai chi teachers, pilates teachers, meditators, psychotherapists and BodyBalance™ instructors, we have many ways to help you with your wellbeing. Mind, body and soul.

With over 100 years of combined experience between us, we have found that working together means we can provide you with an extensive range of classes, workshops and special events.

Each of us has a different specialism or particular passion, giving us great depth of our offerings and something for everyone.

Meet the Team

Adam Haylock-Lott

BodyBalance Instructor

Adam’s infectious sense of humour and incredible commitment to his professional environment means you’ll be totally inspired by his classes. Qualified in many other concepts, we’re fortunate to have Adam join us in his role as BodyBalance instructor. His calm delivery will leave you feeling refreshed, flexible and feeling strong.

Andy Nibloe

Mindfulness Teacher

Andy has more than ten years experience in the mindfulness world, learning from internationally renowned teachers and spending time on retreat in monasteries around the world. His warm style of delivery encompassing those new to meditation as well as people who’ve been practicing for some time.

Caelia Butcher

Yoga Teacher
Caelia began practicing yoga in her late teens and has been teaching for over 10 years.
Her classes are a mixture of Hatha yoga, somatics and vinyasa flows, working on strength and flexibility for the body and using pranayama and meditation to calm busy minds.
She is passionate about the therapeutic side of yoga, ensuring yoga is accessible and safe to all.
Much of Caelia's ongoing personal training has been based around this ethos.
She also specialises in teaching children and adults with disabilities, special needs and chronic illnesses, as well as training yoga teachers to help make their classes more accessible to all.

Caroline King

Pilates & Mindfulness

Specialising in stress and anxiety relief, Caroline has worked around the world in health and wellbeing for over 27 years’ and is a qualified Life Coach, Fitness Instructor, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Caroline teaches a variety of workshops in pilates, core functionality and sleep hygiene.

Faye Jarvis

Yoga Teacher

Faye's gentle and warm delivery of yoga is perfect for beginners.

Hannah Stewart

Yoga Teacher
Hannah qualified as a yoga and prenatal teacher with the Victor Foundation in 2012 and is a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist. She teaches classes and workshops. This year she is launching Yoga Reloaded, a modern training programme for yoga teachers who want to update their teaching with science based methods. Hannah's classes combine Functional Range Conditioning with yogasana, creating a unique, ever evolving, intelligent movement class for every body.

Heidi Weeks

Pilates Teacher

Heidi has been practicing Pilates for 12 years, starting in response to a whiplash injury. The benefits are transformative, not only in terms of rehabilitation but also strength, balance and self-awareness. In her owns words, "I’ve never gone back".

Heidi has been teaching for a number of years, running  countryside mindfulness retreats, with elements of Pilates and Yoga. Trained in mat-work Pilates, a wholly simple and engaging practice which she is passionate about. With focus on control, precision, breathing, concentration, flow and centring, Heidi truly believes that pilates is a great method to stay aware, fit and strong.

Lisa Bower

BodyBalance Instructor

Lisa’s fitness journey began originally as a student of Jennie’s over ten years ago. She has gone on to become a fitness instructor, nutritionist and a personal trainer and delivers many other class concepts in addition to BodyBalance™.

She has a great sense of fun, a commitment to provide excellent levels of service and her traditional dance background is apparent during her classes. She’ll encourage you to work at the right level for you for maximum benefits.

Sam Stone

Yoga Teacher

Sam qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2013. Her classes combine Hatha and vinyasa styles, balancing strength and flexibility. Each session ends with a guided relaxation to calm the mind. Relaxed and down to earth, Sam offers beginners a warm welcome and encourages her students to have fun in their yoga practice.

Simon Goodwin

Tai Chi Teacher & Co-Owner

Simon is fairly new to the Wellbeing world. After being diagnosed with M.E. in 2015, he spent a long time researching how to recover. Healthy eating, a positive mindset, gentle exercise and a strong self-focus have been instrumental in him getting back on his feet. He now spends time helping others with M.E. and similar conditions get back on track with life.

Having qualified as a Tai Chi Teacher in 2019, he is keen to show people just how transformative the practice can be.

Susan Bryan

BodyBalance Instructor

Susan is trained in many concepts in addition to BodyBalance™ and brings enthusiasm and energy to all her classes. You’ll find her empathetic style a real benefit in these gentle classes and you’re guaranteed to feel energised yet relaxed after joining her classes.

Theresa Samworth

Yoga Teacher

Theresa has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. She came to yoga from a non-sporty background and started out not being able to touch her toes which is why she believes yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, body shape or fitness.

Theresa's growing love of yoga put her on the path to teach and she trained with Sally Parkes Yoga in London,  specialising in vinyasa flow and hatha yoga and qualifying as a yoga alliance associate teacher.

Having had the benefit of learning from some excellent teachers past and present, influences in her practice and classes are broad ranging. Theresa aims to make her classes relaxing, energising and fun.

David O'Neill


David has enjoyed being a student of Liberty Wellbeing for some time. He continues his passion for wellbeing, with a keen interest in yoga.
David is excited about furthering his practice and growing Liberty Wellbeing into the future.

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